Growing Bigger Minds,
preparing for the unexpected

By invitation or acceptance interview
Next group starts in March 2018

A closed, virtual circle of people interested in discovering,  developing and evolving the leadership skills required for the future. The explorations have a basic skeleton (a work-in-progress model Genevva Coaching is developing) but can go anywhere.

immersive exploration * co-being * courageous action

Transforming leader’s mindset (awaken -unlearn/discern – advance) to meet the leadership demands of the future

Outcome of developing these skills

  • managing uncertainty (increasing risk tolerance)
  • thriving in change
  • having clarity in ambiguous situations
  • understanding & absorbing complexity
  • making sense of volatility

immersive exploration

It is about unlearning some skills/practices and acquiring new one of yourself and the world around you

inside out 

Cognitive transformation: Leaders need to think differently
Behavioral transformation: Leaders need to act differently
Emotional transformation: Leaders need to react differently ¹

Cognitive readiness – mental, emotional, and interpersonal preparedness for uncertainty and risk


Focused attention, open monitoring, and compassionate attention

  • silence (being comfortable with silence)
  • listen (information flowing through you)
  • situational awareness –  the ability to perceive and comprehend oneself in relationship to all relevant elements of the present environment and then accurately project different courses of action into the future
  • anticipatory awareness


  • scanning and observation 
  • reading for insight vs. for information

Sense making

“How can I know what I think until I see what I say?” (Weick)

  • applying the Cynefin framework
  • pattern recognition 
  • boundary spinning
  • perspective shift
  • emergence


  • attunement (fit in disfit, disfit in fit)
  • invitational rhetoric
  • the wisdom of the crowd 

 Courageous action

  • intuitive decision making in complex environments
  • rapid prototyping (early detection, experimentation, fast recovery, early exploitation of new opportunities)

Sounds abstract? Good, it has to. More complex thinkers are needed.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald