“Create the life story that makes your heart beat with excitement.”

I believe in choice, in change, in stretching yourself, often beyond what feels comfortable.  The proposition that we can not change bothers me. Wasting time, talent, life, disturbs me even more. I believe in aiming at becoming your best self and on the way, realizing that you are surpassing it. Because there is no Best Self, we are “work in progress” our entire life.

I see businesses & careers as a way to show the world who you are, what you stand for and to make an impact while creating the success you desire (whatever your definition of success is). I approach assignments with corporate sharpness, start-up agility, and the soul of a poet.
My hope for all of us is to perfect the ability to be painfully honest with ourselves, authentic with others and to not just leave a legacy, but live and embody it now.

The pillars in my life are my family, making a difference and constant rediscovery.
I choose happiness, impact, and freedom every day.

What do you choose?

Bela Stankova is a certified co-active coach by CTI International and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Bela is also a licensed corporate trainer, certified in Personalized Creative Leadership and the Myers- Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI), Personal Profile Analysis (DISC PPA), and Hogan.

To her coaching practice, Bela Stankova brings a combination of senior management experience and leadership development practice of over 200 managers. Before moving to the Netherlands, Bela worked at an international software company Telerik,  a market-leading vendor of UI controls, end-to-end solutions for mobile app development, ALM tools across all major development platforms, with clients like Nasa, Chevron, Boeing, Toyota, Barclays, Nike, IBM, Roche. There, she oversaw the professional development of 700+ employees in 7 countries.

Later, in her role as a Global Learning & Development Director, she was managing the largest company training initiative for software engineers in Bulgaria – four programming academies with 12,000 online participants and 1000 attendees.

With a broad educational background in Political and Economic Studies, Sociology, Rhetoric, HR, and Executive Management, Bela knows how to bring the macro and micro perspectives together.

Bela currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia, after spending 6 years in the Netherlands where she started her coaching business. A mom of a girl and a boy, a happy wife.

Trained by the Best


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