3fd7157 “My mission is to help people live courageous lives. To dream boldly, work efficiently and fulfill the potential they carry.
I approach assignments with corporate sharpness, startup agility and the soul of a poet.  
Feverishly excited about high-performance leadership, I challenge my clients to do meaningful work with powerful impact and great financial results.”

To her coaching practice, Bela Stankova brings a combination of senior management experience and leadership development practice of over 200 managers. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, Bela worked at an international software company Telerik,  a market-leading vendor of UI controls, end-to-end solutions for mobile app development, ALM tools across all major development platforms, with clients like Nasa, Chevron, Boeing, Toyota, Barclays, Nike, IBM, Roche. There, she was in charge of the professional development of 700+ employees.
Later, in her role as a Global Learning & Development Director, she was managing the largest company training initiative for software engineers in Bulgaria – four programming academies with 12,000 online participants and 1000 attendees.

Bela Stankova is a certified co-active coach by CTI International, represented in the Netherlands by Schouten & Nelissen. Bela is also a licensed corporate trainer, certified in Personalized Creative Leadership and the Myers- Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) and in Personal Profile Analysis (DISC PPA).


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