I serve as a skilled outsider and objective thought partner that helps your team improve performance through reflection and dialogue. My role is to provide the conditions for the team members to hear each other, to attempt to understand one another’s point of view, to challenge the status quo. I will be helping you to see a bit better, a bit deeper, a bit sooner who you are as a team and what needs to change in order to become a high-performing executive team.

My Approach

My approach combines team coaching with a leadership advisory role. I act as a mirror that gets you to the core of your team’s challenges. We surface any unclear agendas, unhelpful group norms, passive and undermining attitudes. We emphasize strengths and team spirit. We differentiate implicit expectations versus stated expectations. We clarify roles and goals. I offer challenge and support and a warm, but sharp presence. I don’t serve individual interests, I serve the team’s purpose.


  • Clear individual roles and team goals
  • Improved team dynamics (accountability and alignment, trust)
  • Open and respectful communication of divergent viewpoints

Engagement Overview

We start with a discovery process to put a pin on the map: “You are here.” We set goals and actionable steps. We create ongoing support sessions for accountability.

STAGE I | Team Scan

  • Observation – attending two management meetings as an observer
  • 4 Individual interviews (stakeholders or senior level people outside the executive team)
  • 360 feedback
  • Team questionnaire

A debrief of findings and recommendations [a short written report]

STAGE II | Team Intervention

  • Face to Face meeting (4 hours)
  • 5 Team Coaching Sessions (duration: 2 hours)
  • One Individual Coaching Session for each member of the team
  • Closure: One final team coaching session. Wrap-up

STAGE III | Follow up

One follow-up team coaching session (60 minutes) over 12 months period after the delivery of the program