“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

(*Attributed to Mark Twain)

Increased human capacity for change in a complex environment

Coaching offers you the space to step back and reflect.  Think out loud. Do a retrospect. Analyse the present. Work out better approaches. Dream the future. Make the change happen. Coaching takes you on a challenging, but deeply rewarding journey of self-discovery and sometimes of coming home to someone you were in the past and lost on the way. Coaching is about having courageous conversations with you in a safe and free of judgment space.

I bring to the sessions all I have learned, all I have done, and the whole of who I have become & am becoming.I  am here to be intensely curious, to articulate what you can’t see or have chosen not to see. My job is to listen to the story within the story. As a coach, I speak my intuition and will not tiptoe around the truth.
During the coaching sessions, I use an array of co-active tools developed by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) that have been proven as the gold standard over the past 20 years of the coaching profession. I create a confidential, safe but challenging environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled because they are connected to themselves, both to the dark and the bright light and speak openly how they feel about their success and failures, fear and bravery, strengths and weaknesses.

What is Co-active Coaching – through the eyes of its founder, Henry Kimsey- House
Henry Kimsey-House discusses the power of Co-Active Coaching

The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Quality Of The Questions You Ask Yourself

Who are you?
What do you really want?
What is something you truly believe in? Could this be wrong?
How do you react to pressure, authority and stress?
What are you tolerating? What mess are you avoiding?
What past experience/s is influencing your current decision-making process?
How do you talk to yourself – are you gentle and forgiving, or often critical and negative?
What support system can you count on in bad and in good times?