Our Approach

Supporting and challenging you out of your comfort zone where the heart beats faster and life is more fulfilling.

Our Mission

Genevva Coaching, a management training and coaching firm, was founded by Bela Stankova on April 10th, 2015 in Amsterdam with the mission to create a better future for our kids by a radical, honest transformation of organizations, one leader at a time.

Our Core, Non-Negotiable, Sacrosanct Values

Do what’s right (integrity), say what’s true (honesty), and strive for excellence. 

Our Principles

  1. Every situation has possibilities
  2. You always have a choice
  3. Fear is a thrill


Our coaching is evidence-based, drawing upon cognitive behavior theory, sport psychology principles, and organizational knowledge. In its essence, it is co-active coaching. Manfred Kets de Vries has greatly influenced our approach to leadership, especially our drive to understand the dark side of leadership and leadership derailment. David Snowdens thinking has challenged us to look beyond the visible and to understand better the systems within which we operate.

Genevva CARE Model

Genevva CARE Model