Martin Veshev

First and foremost, Bela is an absolute professional. She has a passion for what she is doing and is definitely a natural-born mentor and coach. During the time we worked together I felt comfortable to share anything with her and freely talk on various topics where I felt lagging. Bela showed me a different perspective… Read More

Leslie Spiro

I strongly recommend Bela as a personal or a team coach if you wish to improve the dynamics within your organisation. Bela has provided Tick42 senior management with Team Coaching and the results have been great. Before working with Bela, I was sceptical about the value of things like coaching. I have a strong preference… Read More

Emily Pines

Bela is a truly excellent coach. The perfect combination of compassionate, provocative, insightful, intuitive, and open, she created an environment in which I knew that she was always on my side, but also that she would always push back on anything that didn’t feel quite right to her. The questions she asked, the challenges she… Read More

Marja Godvliet

Bela has helped me to put my talents, passion and purpose into practice. When we first met I was full of enthusiasm but did not know where to start. Bela has a rich toolkit of various coaching techniques that she used to help me progress on my path.  Her interventions were not only helpful and valuable but also… Read More

Freekje Bots

Bela is my coach and mentor. In her role as my mentor, she supports me to become a coach myself. I chose to hire Bela as a coach because of her personality that combines warmth, presence, intelligence and care. I feel in every aspect and detail that she wants the best for me and believes in… Read More

Ruth Coates

Bela is a fantastic coach who provided me with invaluable support in setting up my business. As a self-confessed perfectionist daunted by the fear of failure, I found that Bela’s motivating and encouraging style helped me pinpoint my core ambitions and priorities incredibly quickly whilst her pragmatic approach allowed me to move forward without fear. Bela… Read More

Ivailo Iliev

In the period 2012 – 2013, together with Bela we designed and implemented a 2-year-long leadership development program for more than 200 software engineers, which was a huge success. During our work on the program I was impressed by Bela’s ability to influence and generate support from different stakeholders and interested parties. Perfectionism is another strong… Read More

Velina Getova

Bela is an extraordinary professional with entrepreneurial spirit, who pursues her goals with high determination and always strives after improvement. I would like to emphasize the most important thing you need to know about her: Bela is a talented influencer, who can help people discover their strengths and lead them towards improvement and innovation. She… Read More

Maria Atanasova

Bela was my on the job coach. She managed not only to help me succeed in my role as an associate but facilitated further the development of my interpersonal and managerial skills, that helped me become a manager. With her inspirational attitude and leadership approach, I am proud to say Bela became my professional Mentor. She… Read More

Maria Kaneva

Bela is an inspirational coach, who has helped me tremendously. Through active listening, asking the right questions and constructively challenging existing views, she is a true coaching professional. Bela is encouraging and supporting through the coaching process and has the power to motivate and keep clients concentrated on long-term objectives. Bela is fantastic at establishing clear… Read More