I strongly recommend Bela as a personal or a team coach if you wish to improve the dynamics within your organisation. Bela has provided Tick42 senior management with Team Coaching and the results have been great. Before working with Bela, I was sceptical about the value of things like coaching. I have a strong preference for more concrete activities such as strategic planning, client interactions and deliverables. My scepticism was not because I do not believe in the importance of soft skills, team and corporate values or the importance of structures, rather it was because I believed that how one addressed these areas was a function of one’s personality and therefore not really amenable to change. Having worked with Bela for the last 6 months, I am now a strong believer that, with the right person, coaching, can be a vital service that provides verifiable improvements that cannot be found through personal reflection. Bela is able to ‘listen intelligently’ and has the experience and frameworks to lead her clients to a deeper understanding of the issues they face, their causes and also to help identify improvements that can be made and then help monitor these changes. She does not do this by ‘telling you what to do’, but she is tough enough to question senior managers in ways that help them understand the underlying issues instead of merely sympathising with the ‘noisy’ symptoms we often face.

Leslie Spiro, CEO Tick42/Glue 42