Bela was my on the job coach. She managed not only to help me succeed in my role as an associate but facilitated further the development of my interpersonal and managerial skills, that helped me become a manager. With her inspirational attitude and leadership approach, I am proud to say Bela became my professional Mentor. She has always been there to hear my struggles, but she encouraged me to look for solutions myself and to pursue my ideas confidently. Through her positive approach and leading by example, she helped me grow as a professional, who looks at the big picture, values others and challenges ideas.  As an amazing mentor, Bela fosters open communication and possesses the emotional intelligence to acknowledge the facts, but also to be sensitive to the emotions of others. One of the main qualities who differentiate the professionalism of Bela is her passion to provide other professionals with the opportunity to grow and her belief in people and their potential.
Maria Atanasova, Director Human Capital EMEA, Progress