First and foremost, Bela is an absolute professional. She has a passion for what she is doing and is definitely a natural-born mentor and coach. During the time we worked together I felt comfortable to share anything with her and freely talk on various topics where I felt lagging.

Bela showed me a different perspective on the everyday struggles I have and this helped me to form a new approach. I knew that there isn’t an unsolvable problem or situation, but actually Bela gave me the tools on how to overcome it. She is a great listener and can extract important details from what you actually say to her.

On the personal level, Bela is warm, empathetic and creates an environment of trust and a feeling of being home, which a very few people I have met during my life succeeded to do. I could only say that no matter the context in which you will meet Bela, you will understand me once you get to know her.