I feel overloaded with information and I admit I cannot catch up even with the things I really want to follow. Don’t get me wrong – I love information and I can’t live without research. However, what bothers me is that there is almost no time left to THINK. To digest what we read. To remember what we were so fascinated with. Multitasking is not for me and I am very proud I could finally admit it without feeling guilty. Maybe it is a form of attention disorder, or maybe, which I want to believe is true, I need and want to be fully committed to the task I am doing at the moment – I want to be 100 percent present there. Pretending I could handle 100 requests at a time or juggling several conversations at once, at the end of the day makes more tired and less fulfilled.

I cannot agree more with the message, I BELIEVE WE NEED TO UNPLUG and THINK. Awesome video!

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