Bob Cannan, the CEO of Eagle Productivity Solutions , says that

One of the worst feelings that high achievers have — which is self-defeating — is that they have to get everything done, and that’s really the one thing that breaks a lot of ambitious people. [… ]The one thing that I try to advise people is that, ‘You will never get it all done –– ever.’ So it’s not a  question of how you’ll get it all done –– but rather what will you choose to do. And so you need to pay much more attention to the right priorities as you get promoted and advance professionally. You need to identify your top daily priorities –– you need to target the few, vital things that you need to do and get them done. Make sure they are only five or six –– no more. The farther up you go, you need to have a constant sense of priority.

Prioritization involves saying NO to some things, in order to be able to say a bigger YES to something else more important.  It does not matter how hard-working,smart and efficient you are, if you are doing the wrong things.

At end of the day we need to force ourselves to log off and go home, preferably at a normal hour, because we could never finish it all. For good or bad, we will be back tomorrow:).

Speed is useful only if you are running in the right direction (Joel Barker)

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