Frequently Asked Questions

The power of coaching is in the customized, inside-out approach. The answers below are general guidelines – with each client we create an individual coaching program that reflects their own need and wants.

What is coaching?
Focused, challenging conversations designed to support you in setting and achieving your goals. An empowering and supportive environment that encourages you to be your best self and fulfill your potential.
New to Coaching – here is what you need to know?

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Greater  awareness of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved work and personal relationships
  • A greater understanding of others
  • Enhanced ability to communicate clearly
  • Maximized performance
  • Clear goals and accountability to achieve them

Neuroscience Research Supports the Efficacy of the Co-Active Model: Co-Active-Coaching-and-The-Brain

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

The best way is to experience a free sample session and make an informed choice.
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Is coaching therapy?
Both professions focus on helping people make changes and accomplish goals that matter to them. Both disciplines can be working with fully functioning individuals/couples who are facing difficult situations. One of the main differences is the therapist exploring the past while the coach is focusing on the future. 

We recommend a client to refer to a therapist if:

  •  The client has an active mental illness (depression, acute anxiety, etc.)
  • The client has a substance abuse problem
  • The client is in a situation characterized by emotional or physical abuse or threats of abuse
  • The client has thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide

Can I combine coaching and therapy?

Absolutely. Please, notify both your coach and therapist.

What happens during a coaching session?

Coaching is about challenging questions, honest answers, and new perspectives. By using their coaching skills and tools, the coach helps you sort through the confusion, stuckness, uncertainty, and personal struggle.

What does a coach do?
Listens (a coach should listen so well that you can hear yourself)
Moves you into action
Shifts your energy
Brainstorms with you
Helps you build new habits or structures
Turns challenges into opportunities
Keeps you accountable 
Encourages sustained commitment
Offers support

What are some of the things coaching can help me with?

The clients who benefit most from coaching are usually at a crossroads or undergoing some changes – newly promoted or new company/team. They have decided to work with a coach to accelerate some transformation in their lives/careers.

What can I expect during the first appointment?

During the first session, we will go through the pre-coaching questions and will discuss the goals you want to achieve. The focus of the first session is to design the relationship, design the end goal of our coaching journey, and agree on success metrics.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of coaching sessions?

We believe coaching is more impactful over time, so we offer a 4-month and 6-month coaching program. However, if you have a specific challenge you want help with, you can book a single session.

How often will I meet my coach?
It all depends on your own needs. As a general rule, the first month we recommend that you meet with your coach at least twice. Then you can decide what frequency works best for you.

How long are the coaching sessions?
All coaching sessions last 60 minutes with the exception of the first one which is longer (90 minutes). The first session is the backbone of our coaching program because we take the time to carefully design our coaching partnership and agree on the goals you want to achieve. 

What are the payment options?

We offer three payment options: pay per session, pay per month, or pay per program. You can pay via bank transfer, pay pal & credit card.

What if I don’t live in Amsterdam?

All sessions can be delivered via phone or Skype – audio and video, or audio only, depending on your preference.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

This depends on the changes you want to accomplish.

What will I have to do during the session?

Be honest, be ready to explore your internal and external world, be yourself and be willing to accept feedback.

What kinds of things can I discuss with my coach?

Everything. Coaching is about you as a whole person – your internal and external world, personal and professional life, can be topics of our sessions.

Who are your clients? Do you have any references?

Our clients are successful senior leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of businesses who have decided to maximize performance.
You can read some of our clients’ testimonials here: 
Upon request, more testimonials are available.

How long do clients stay with a coach?

It depends on the client and the challenges they are facing. We have clients who have stayed with us for two-three years being coached on different challenges. Some have chosen to work with us intensively for a short period of time on a specific goal.

I have more questions that haven’t been answered. How can I contact you?
Please write to Bela will be happy to answer all of your questions.